Yerupajá mountain with a height of 6617 m, is the second highest point of Peru and the highest mountain of the Cordillera-Wyyuash ridge


The first ascent to the summit was made in 1950 by Jim Maxwell and Dave Harrah


It is noteworthy that mountaineering legends such as Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler laid their route along the southeastern snow-ice ridge , moreover, in this ascent they traversed to the southwestern wall of Yerupah Chicho ( 6121 m). The local name for the mountain is El Carnicero, which means "Butcher." This name comes from the sharpness of the summit ridge, similar to the tip of a knife, also possibly from the number of climbers killed in attempts to climb the summit.


Erupaha is one of the most difficult peaks of the Andes, so few successful ascents to it have been made. The most popular route runs along the Southwest Wall.

Source: Summit post