the first ascents of Pangpoche I (6,620 m) and Pangpoche II

Georgians Archil Badriashvili, Giorgi Tepnadze and Baqar Gelashvili , who have recorded the first ascents of Pangpoche I (6,620 m) and Pangpoche II (6,504 m), located about 15 km from Manaslu, in Nepal

The Georgians, however, repaired for the first time in them while climbing the Larkya Peak (6,416 m), from which they made the first ascent in autumn 2017
Upon their return home, they were unable to find any information about these peaks
There were only two precedents, starring Japanese climbers , in 2009 and in spring 2018, when a group led by Yasuhiro Hanatani had to change the objective before even reaching the base of the mountain due to the bad conditions of the glacier.
The Georgians climbed Edge and southwest face Pangpoche II in three days of Alpine style...from September 20 to 22
 they climbed North edge of Pangpoche I (6,620 m), from September 30 to October 3
Pic1 discription: Pangpoche I and Pangpoche II from Larkya Peak

source: Desnivelt