Russian gold ice axe

A few minutes ago, The 6 best projects of Russian gold ice axe announced

Kyazo Ri, 6186 m, Nepal - first ascent. Rostov team: Vasiliev A.S., Osipov I.D., Rybalchenko D.A., Shipilov V.V
 Tangra Tower, 5820 m, Pakistan - first ascent. Prokofiev Denis, Popova Marina, Matyushin Nikolay. Trident, 5780 m, Pakistan - first ascent. Markevich Konstantin, Sushko Denis, Semenov Valery
Jannu, 7300 m, Nepal - unfinished ascent, opening from the east side to the south
shoulder. Nilov S., Golovchenko D.
 Gasherbrum II, 8035 m, Pakistan - New solo route, alpine style, non-stop. Denis UrubkoBlok Peak, 5239 m, Kyrgyzstan - first ascent. Parfyonov Alexander, Timofeev Vyacheslav, Sukharev Alexey, Babiy Dmitry

The winner will be notified at the ceremony to be held at the ceremony on December 7

Source: Anna Piuonova FB