EXPLORING… In Kyrgyzstan

EXPLORING... In Kyrgyzstan

The French climber Biz Henry Bizot with the Russian Nikolai Totmianin, in September, they explored the small Bel Ullu valley in Pamir Mountains of Kyrgyzstan

The place that had probably never seen climbers' steps before. They found no reference to this area, but Jacques Vernet described the neighboring Altyn Daria Valley who visited in 1969 during an expedition to Pik Lenin: in Bel Ullu the unscaled peaks rise to around 5000m on both sides of the upper valley.
Two mountaineers climbed a peak of 5284m,and then they decided to climb two peaks

The 5082m peak but the ice was too thin and black. Instead they changed to the next

Peak 4,782 m, through hard ice along the spur of the northeast face to the eastern rocky ridge, The next 50m to the main summit were in very poor condition and did not offer much interest, so they started the descent. They have called Espérance peak

Source: The American Alpine Club

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