Canada prohibite solo and winter climbing on the country’s highest mountain

Canada prohibite solo and winter climbing on the country's highest mountain

Mount Logan 5956 meters high, is Canada’s highest mountain and second highest in North America after Mount Denali
If anyone plan to climb the highest mountain in Canada or any of the other peaks in Kluane National Park, then he should be aware of some important changes that have been introduced into climbing and hiking rules in the territory of Kluane National Park, for the 2020 season
winter climbing on the mountains of the Icefield Ranges region is prohibited, which includes the highest peaks of Canada in the mass of St. Elias, which includes Mount Logan and four other peaks more than 5000 meters high: Mount St. Elias, 5489 m), Mount Lucania, (5226 m), King Peak, 5173 m, Mount Steele, 5073 m, Mount Wood, 4842 m and Mount Vancouver, 4812 m)
No more solo climbing on Mount Logan 5956m
Climbing in Kluane Park is allowed from March 15 to November 15
Climbing teams are required to apply for climbing and get permits; all climbers must be insured And charges for rescues
Source: Gripped

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