Brad Gobright perishes in climbing accident in Mexico


Brad Gobright perishes in climbing accident in Mexico

On Wednesday, Highly talented US climber Brad Gobright has lost his life in a climbing accident on the  El Sendero Luminoso  in Mexico

Gobright had received international acclaim for his daring free solo climbs and for having set a new speed record on The Nose up

ElCapitan in 2017 with Jim Reynolds

He was one of the most experienced climbers in Yosemite Valley where he managed to ascend numerous big walls all free on El Capitan. In June 2015 together with Mason Earle he made the first free ascent of The Heart Route, while in 2016 he and Scott Bennett climbed Zodiac, The Nose and Lurking Fear in less than 24 hours. In 2018 he climbed what is known as the Yosemite Triple, Mt Watkins, El Cap and Half Dome in a day with Reynolds, and he also became one of the few who have managed to climb Salathé Wall free in a single day. Earlier this spring he completed single-day free ascents of The Shaft, El Niño Pineapple Express and Golden Gate

Source: Planet Mountain