this winter from Antarctica to Amadablam

Famous Spain mountaineer, Alex Txikon  will go to Antarctica in December to explore and search of untouched mountains and technical lines said: 
And after that he has another Winter expedition... He will go to Nepal
" There are so many 7 thousand to climb and to test yourself, why all go to K2?".
And it will do so. The Basque mountaineer will leave next January 10 for the Ama Dablam (6812m) , the Himalayan Matterhorn, with Félix Criado and Íñigo Gutiérrez Arce . The three climbers plan to close the shipment in about 25 days.
While Tkikon should be in Antarctica , Félix Criado and Íñigo Gutiérrez Arce will begin to bring the material from Spain to Nepal, by car. An adventure in adventure, crossing 12 countries for a total of 13,000 kilometers. Certain stage is that of Islamabad, where they will have to recover the equipment left last winter after winter at K2. With them they will also bring school supplies and clothing for Nepalese children.