HONGKU CHULI (6,833m) REMAINS unclimbed


HONGKU CHULI (6,833m) REMAINS unclimbed

At the end of October, Germans mountaineer Luis Stitzinger and Manuel Möller announced that they were leaving for Nepal to try to ascend and make a crossing on this virgin peak of HONGKU CHULI

After being without news since then, both have announced that. Hongku Chuli remains unscaled. Due to weather conditions and their energy reserved
They decided to go around ~ 300 m below the summit

I wasn't sure if I could have returned from the top to our tent at 6400 m, carved into the ridge

They are very happy with the decision to leave the mountain unfinished

Hongku Chuli 6833 m is infornt of the huge west wall of Makalu 8485m
Credit: Manuel Möller