last fall, Kilian Jornet attempted to climb Everest
due to the adverse weather conditions and the imminent danger of the fall of a huge serac over Khumbu Icefall, he was the only one to make an attempt to climb Everest, reaching 8300 meters.
This time Kilian Jornet didnt make the news for his races, records or for his fast climbs on the highest mountains.
He wrote about trashes on Everest!


"When we first came to the Khumbu Icefall we were shocked by the quantity of trash on and under the ice. Plastic bags, pharmacy, gear waste... 
When we climb moutains or go to outdoors we should be extremely careful to not leave anything behind.
 with our polish friends Andrzej Bargiel and others, taking some waste at every trip there, but it is still a lot to do. First in cleaning and then the most important, to not leaving anything anymore.
The Khumbu Icefall and the mountains surrounding are giving water to the Khumbu Valley and its inhabitants, so its pollution affects the quality of that water.
Credit: @kilianjornet