۷ walls – 7 days


7 walls - 7 days

 Climb the 7 main big walls in Yosemite in 7 days

U.K. climbers Sean Warren and Pete Whittaker spent some time this fall climbing seven Yosemite big walls in seven days. They climbed routes on:

1. El Cap
2. Leaning Tower
3. Mt Watkins
4. Washington Column
5. Half Dome
6. Liberty Cap
7. El Cap Spire

Pete Whittaker
"However, it had in fact been done before by Quinn Brett and Josie Mckee back in 2016. And the idea to repeat it wasn’t even my idea, it was Sean’s!

There wasn’t a huge amount of planning that went into it...they hadn’t even done some of the routes

Credit: @petewhittaker