Wayne Merry


Wayne Merry is dead!

At the age of 88, Wayne Merry , an American climber and lifeguard, died , a member of the team who first covered the famous route  The Nose in El Capitan (Yosemite, USA).
on November 12, 1958, after a 12-day final attack, Wayne Merry, Warren Harding and Georg Whitmore stood atop El Capitana. One of the most famous roads in the world was created - The Nose (VI 5.9 C2, 31 lifts, 870 m), the road whose first crossing took 48 days spread over 18 months.

Picture discription:
1: The Nose on El Capitan
2: Hardware from The Nose first ascent
3: Wayne Merry on the first ascent of The Nose in 1958.
Credit: wspinanie