NEW achivement of KATY Wagner

Celebrating its 54th birthday the other day, the French climber Katy Wagner went onsite on a rock route of category 7c + "Jalabi", which is located on the rocks of the Spanish province of San Roqu
This passage certainly becomes one of the world-class achievements in climbing
Katie herself is famous for the fact that today there are more than 730 routes of category 8a and more difficult, which is much more in number than any other climber in the world!
Note that this is not the first time that Katie has become a record holder, so in 2015, at the age of 49, she went along the route of difficulty 8b , in 2016 she improved her achievement, having already passed, at 50, the next route of difficulty 8b however, in the same year, the record for difficulty 8b was broken by 58-year-old Margarita Martinez

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