Last news of 3x2x8000 project... Sergi Mingote did it and set a Guinness record

This morning on 3:25 am Spanish renowned climber Sergi Mingote with 3x2x8000 project without supplemental oxygen, reached the top of GasherbrumII as last mountain of project

That's his third 8000 peak in 2019 (after Lhotse and Nangaparbat), and six 8000 during the one year and two days
All climbs had been done without oxygen!

On 3x2x8000 project he has ascended
1-Broad Peak (8,047 m)
2- K2 (8,611 m)
3-Manaslu (8,152 m)
4- Lhotse (8,516 m)
5- Nangaparbat
6- Gasherbrum II
!...All without supplemental oxygen