First ever ascent of Link Sar

First ever ascent of Link Sar

few hours ago ... The team of American climbers Chris Wright , Graham Zimmerman , Mark Richeyand Steve Swenson made the first ever ascent to the Pakistani peak Link Sar ( 7041 meters)

Now the team is on the descent... More details coming soon

Previously, they already tried to make the first ascent to this mountain, in the expedition of 2017, however, the ascent was interrupted due to bad weather
In 2015, British climbers Andy Houseman and Jonathan Griffith traveled the Fever Pitch route to the Western peak of the Link Sar massif , however, the main peak of Mount Sar mountain, 7041 meters high, lying about one kilometer from the Western peak remained unconquered

 2015 expedition to the Western peak of LinkSar.
Red color: ascent route
green color: descent route

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