۳x2x8000 project


Latest news of 3x2x8000 of  Sergi Mingote project ... without supplemental Oxygen and in a year
Sergi summited Nangaparbat as his fifth 8000m of Project on July 3 and now he is on the way to Gasherbrum 2 as his 6th

For achieving Guinness record  of climbing six peaks over 8,000 meters in less than 365 days  without the help of artificial oxygen, He must complete the project before July 16, date on which he made the ascent to the first eight thousand, the Broad Peak
He has already ascended
Broad Peak 8,047 m
 K2 8,611 m
Manaslu 8,152 m

 Lhotse 8,516 m

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